Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Off to Preschool

This week my son started preschool.  I had planned for him to go back at the start of the school year but we moved the same time school started so I couldn't enroll him back home and I missed enrollment for our new state.  I had been looking for options since we got here but nothing was right.  It was either too far, too expensive, or full.
I had enrolled Drew in a forest kindergarten program but ended up withdrawing him after 2 months.  It just wasn't for him and as parents we need to not only teach our kids to stick with things but we need to recognize when things just aren't a good fit for your kid.  I was a little disappointed because I really thought I had found a program that fit him and his personality but I missed the mark.
January started enrollment for traditional programs here so I enrolled him a school close to home that had an opening.

It was mixed feelings this week.  There are moments when Drew was happy and moments when he said he hated it.  But we'll keep trying and see how it goes.  Today was pretty exciting because he got to pick a treat out of the treasure box for being on green.

Because Drew's been home with me he hasn't done worksheets.  We do a lot of learning but I don't print out worksheets for him.  His preschool does worksheets.  The first one he brought home looked like this.

I asked him if he understood the directions and I asked him how many items were there.  He promptly told me 4, and showed me the number 4.  When I asked him why he circled the other numbers if he knew the answer he said there are also 3, and even 2 items.  I can see what he there.  That's totally the way he thinks and responds to directions.  He always has to do things his way.  One time I told him not to put the water in the sand table.  I turn my back and guess what…water and sand mixed.  When I got mad he said but mom, I didn't put the water in the sand table…I put the sand in the water table.  Oh this kid.  Always a loop hole with him.

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  1. Wow, he is totally right, there's also two and three ice cream scones! Brilliant :-)
    I hope he will love his preschool and make new friends soon. What a milestone!