Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Ours!

Finally I can update!  We had no internet at our house until today.

Monday we closed on our house, it was so quick and easy.  I've heard some closing are long and awkward and stressful.  We were laughing and having a good time, eating candy, and it only took about 15 minutes.  That lawyer sure knows how to make his money.
Then we got handed our keys.  Our keys to our new home.  Now you might think we got handed 3 or 4 keys, but no.  We got handed at least 20 keys.  that's right, 20.  We have 6 doors, six different locks and each family member must have had a copy of all of them, and none of them were labeled.  More amusing than a problem, still something we will remember about moving in.
We then came to our house and let the kids run around.  Drew instantly saw the 2 garage doors and wanted to know who else lived here.  I thought that was cute.  Our old home was a townhouse with connecting garages so when he saw the 2 doors he thought we had a neighbor.  He accepted that both of those doors were ours, one for daddy's car, one for mommy's.  Then we walked around the house.  We saw the side door, the front door, and the porch door.  Drew again asked who lived behind that door.  He wasn't use to a house having more than one outside door.  Little did he know we had 3 more, the garage door, the yard door, and the deck door.  There are so many doors!!
Inside the kids were pretty quiet, just taking it all in.  We more than doubled our square footage from our old home so it is an amazing feeling to walk around in a house where you have enough room.  Don't think we have some 6,000 sqft mansion now, we had just over 1000 sqft in our old place so it wouldn't have taken a lot to double it.
When we went upstairs we showed Kara her room first.  As soon as she walked in she gasped Ooohhh, and then kept saying 'me room' 'me room'.  It was so cute.  Drew was excited about his room for about 5 minutes, then he told me he likes orange, not blue.  He did have an orange room at our old house, now he has a blue room.  I told him we could add orange decorations and he said no, he wants orange. Well, I'm not painting anything any time soon so he's stuck with blue.  I know he really likes his room, he just doesn't show excitement well.
That night we slept in sleeping bags.  It was so quiet.  SO QUIET!  All I heard were crickets, thousands and thousands of crickets.  No cars, no neighbors, no music, no garage doors, no dogs barking, no police sirens, just crickets.  Our moving truck wasn't scheduled to arrive until Wednesday so we just ran around the empty house until it could get here.  The kids love the space and were out of breath by the time they stopped running.
Pictures to come...I have to upload them.

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  1. Sounds like a great change, going from city traffic noise to cricket sounds.

    Hey, it looks like YOU could make the LEGO Keyring Board: