Thursday, August 1, 2013

The last day

Today is my last day in Illinois, my last day in my home, my last day where I know my way around, where my kids have friends.
I actually do know about half a dozen people that live around Charlotte because I went to college near there.  So I do have a few friends that I could call if I was feeling lonely so I'm not as worried about me, I actually know people that live all over the US and even some in England.  Pretty soon my kids will be able to say the same thing.  There is something exciting about having friends all over.
I have known about this move for a while and have been packing and planning and yet here it is the last day and there's so much left to do, so many people that I didn't get to say a formal goodbye to.  I can't believe how many boxes it takes to pack up a home.  I've packed and packed and packed and yet I look around and still see a bunch of stuff!  This is way more work than packing for vacation! I've looked at every magnet, every sticker, every odd battery and sock that have been shoved and pushed into corners.  I've purged and sorted and cleaned as I packed and while it made this process long and hard I can only hope that not taking clutter with me will help with the unpacking.
The movers come in about 16 hours.  I just have to figure out what toys to put on the moving truck and what toys to take in the car and then clean out the bathrooms and finish up packing our suitcases.  This was a little tricky since our moving truck won't be there for almost 2 weeks.  So I had to pack like a vacation and then pack everything else.
I'm looking forward to getting settled in my new home.  I'm looking forward to the kids being excited about our new life.  There's so much in their future that they can't even comprehend.  I can't wait to show them their rooms and their yard.
I am leaving so many wonderful friends behind I will be posting a lot about my new home, getting settled into a new place, and meeting new people.  There'll be pictures and video clips too :)  But now, I have to go back to packing more boxes.  Ugh, I would never want to be a professional mover.  I am so tired of cardboard boxes!

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