Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Sunny Side of the Street

I'm so excited to be moving!
It's always fun to start something new.  Everyone loves new!  I can't wait to get into our new home, set up a new garden, raise new chickens, decorate new rooms, meet new people, go to new places.
For so long I've felt like I've been mourning the life in my head.  Not really mourning but I've had to accept the fact that living where I do, I most likely will never own a farm house.  I most likely will never live in an area that allows you to have chickens, and I most likely will never be able to afford enough land for a garden.  Not a couple plants garden but a garden to sustain my family on.
I'm so excited to be moving into a house that has enough bedrooms for my kids, that is a farm house style home, that has a huge fenced in back yard.  I can't wait to plant my garden, to sit on my porch, to raise my chickens.  There are so many things that I had almost given up on that I will get to have and do in my new home.
I can't wait to decorate!  I live in a town home now, and it's just felt like apartment style living that lacks any clear style.  I'm so excited to be moving into a farm house style home so I can decorate and have it come together the way I want.  I know this seems insignificant but it's the little things that make up life, right.
I also can't wait to go to the mountains with my kids, to go camping, to go to the ocean.  Oh how I love the ocean and have missed it these last 9 years.  I will be so close to it all!  I can't wait to go to the lake, only 5 minutes from my house.  So much of how I grew up will be right in my own back yard.  I can't wait for my kids to experience the nature that I experienced.  I like looking at pictures of midwest fields and farms but I would rather climb a mountain than walk through a field.
I can't wait to just have my own single family home.  My own yard.  No rules, no HOA, no one telling me what I can or can not do. No neighbors looking at my every move and small sense of safety and freedom for my kids.  Where I live I can't have a fence.  There's always a fear when I run one kid into the potty that I shouldn't be leaving my other kid on the patio.  Someone could take them, they could wander off but having my own yard will allow my kids a larger area to explore without the fear that there's somebody watching their every move.  Right now to explore we have to go to public parks and it will be nice to have the space to roam and explore on our own property.  I'm not foolish, I know no place is 100% safe.
I am ready for this move to happy and can't wait to show my kids the life I've been missing for 9 years!

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