Sunday, May 12, 2013

If these walls could talk

As much as I am excited to be looking at homes it is sad to think about leaving our home (Let me just say I am also the person that gets sad leaving a car at the dealer when you buy a new one).  At times when I'm all alone with my thoughts I think about everything my house has seen.  Truly, if these walls could talk.
I have lived here 9 years.  That's the longest I've ever lived anyplace.  My house has seen me go from a newlywed, to a wife, to a mom, to a mom again!  My house has seen me figure out how to cook and bake.  It has seen me make Christmas cookies, birthday cakes, and anniversary meals.  My house has seen me finish my 20's and enter my 30's.  My house has seen me finally finish my Bachelor's degree.  It has seen me change jobs, change hair color, and change friends.  My house has seen me cry through lost pets, lost pregnancies, and lost grandparents.  It has gone from a quiet home of two working adults to loud and cluttered home of a family.
It was this house where I brought both my babies home to.  I sat upstairs in the bunny decorated nursery and rocked them to sleep every night (several times a night).  I wonder how many hours I've rocked in the kids room, how many lullabies have these walls heard, how many I love yous, how many giggles.  I know our next home will have many more of these but this house holds the firsts.  The first steps, first words, first hugs were all made in this house.  My kids won't remember living here but I won't forget where we became a family.
Next week I take my first trip to Charlotte to look for the house that my children will remember as their home.  I want it to be the perfect backdrop for all their memories.

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