Monday, May 27, 2013

Mommy and me

Today I went to Jo-Ann fabric without kids (which is dangerous) and I came out with a bag full of red line clearance material.  One of them was $2.50 yard.  I bought 1.5 yards of this cute pattern fabric, it just screamed 'SKIRT' to me.

I haven't made any skirts but I figured why not, and came up with this adorable elastic waist skirt for myself and Kara.  I made it in about 20 minutes.  I measured my waist, cut the elastic and then used double the fabric (example: a 30 inch waist would use 60 inches of material).  Of course it doesn't have to be exact but just to give you a rough idea.  I actually used 1 inch navy blue elastic and just zigzag sewed the fabric to the back of the elastic, I didn't even make a casing.  It looks great, it fits great.  Then I made Kara a tiny skirt with the same idea, measured her waist, used double the material and sewed it to the elastic.

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